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Management  Internship at Dillard's.

A 9-week internship program at Dillard's.

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Flagship Store

I was assigned a class project to choose an online exclusive store, understand its brand identity, and further its distinction by creating a flagship store. I designed the floor layout, the theme, the architecture, the interior design, and even the scent and music customers would encounter when entering the brand's flagship store. I used the software SketchUp and Adobe InDesign. Check out my Design Brief here.

window display .jpg

E.T Window Display

Above is a window display that I created for a class assignment. I was given three categories: Youth, Outdoors, and Halloween. I first picked out vectors of clothing assortments and designed a color scheme and patterns for the collection. I then picked the theme "E.T." because of its connection to youth and the famous scene on Halloween night of the little boy and E.T. flying on his bike through the sky. I used Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for this project. 

Western World.jpg

For this class assignment, I had the opportunity to create a magazine using Adobe InDesign. I gathered my own pictures, fonts, and layouts to design a creative and informative magazine.

Virtual Retail Store

For this project, I was tasked to develop a virtual retail store that maintained a consistent theme as well as proper spacing and visual appeal from different angles of the store. I created a race car layout and applied retail furniture that I believed was necessary for proper merchandising. I also merchandised the virtual store with what I was given into sections that were most flattering. I added the necessary wallpaper and wall accessories to complete the overall look.

Swipe to see different angles of the store.


I created this Instagram account last year to help others express their creativity and

increase self-confidence with fashion. 

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Merchandise Design

Custom design for Oklahoma State wrestler to help with his NIL (name, image, and likeness) efforts.

Brand Squad - General Manager of Podcast

I was selected as the GM of Podcast for Brand Squad, an organization composed of the top Spears School of Business students at Oklahoma State University trained and certified to assist our OSU student-athletes with their Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL) efforts. As the GM of Podcast, I was in charge of a team that created podcasts, scheduled athletes and athletic spaces, and developed marketing campaigns to promote the awareness of our athletes. I also researched guests, compiled information, and crafted questions for the host to ensure the production of high-quality programs.

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